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If you want to create ePub books for your iPod, iPhone, iPad and other digital devices, ePub Creator will be the best software. ePub Creator is also named as ePub builder which can create ePub files from almost all common documents like PDF, Word, HTML, TEX, XML etc.
ePub Creator can create about 100 files to a single ePub book at a time, and customizing eBook cover, info, layout, tables of contents, etc.

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If you are using Mac OS X, please use
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  • Create ePub files from 10+ most popular formats
  • Convert about 100 files at a time to a single ePub
  • Storing the original text, layout, tables, images, etc.
  • Support editing eBook cover, info, layout, tables of contents, etc.
  • ePub books created are suitable for digital devices like iPad, iPhone etc.
What is ePub Creator?

ePub CreatoreBooks in ePub format are very popular now, because most new tech gadgets support ePub ebooks, like iPhone 4, iPad 2, Android Cell Phone.You would like to create your own ePub ebooks from other document types you have stored, such as word, pdf, CHM.

ePub Creator

If you are using Mac OS X, please use ePub Creator for Mac.

Step by Step Guide to Use ePub Creator

Here we will introduce you how to use this ePub creation tool. This ePub Creator is very easy to use and powerful, you can add multiple files at a time, and then turn them into a single ePub file.

Step1: Download and install ePub Creator (about 14MB).

Step2: Launch the program

By click icon installed on your desktop, you will see the Main user interface, just like a book.

Step3: Edit e-Book information

you will find "Book info", "Layout" and "Output settings" in the Main UI.

"Book info" allows you input e-book information like Title, author, date, Language etc, please choose the right language according to your materials you want to build.

"Layout" options allows you set the contentof your e-books which you will create later, including Text color, background color, Margins, line spacing and paragraph spacing, if you have good control of this, you will make a very beautiful and neat e-Book, anyway, you can keep default settings.

The last one is "Output Settings", just let you know where your ePub files have been stored when conversion finished. Default folder is "My Documents", we know that thousands of time. And you can choose your own directory.

If all these options are ok, you can click "OK" button, it will bring you to the next step.

Step4: Set Book Cover

It's necessary to use a handpicking image as your book cover, ePub Creator make this step very easy , just double click on the left side of the program, a window will pop up to let you choose any image as e-book cover.

Step5: Add contents

Now you can add contents you want to convert into ePub files by clicking "Add contents" which is on the Top right side of the program, you can add up to 100 files at a time.
Formats Supported: PDF to EPUB, Txt to EPUB, Word to EPUB, PHTML to EPUB, CHM to EPUB, etc.).
Formats list: Input: .doc/.docx, .pdf, .txt, .html/.htm/.xhtml, .chm, .epub, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tiff
Output: .epub
ePub Creator can parse the PDF file of text and image and then rebuild it to a ePub file.

Step6: Customize book contents

You are able to rename contentlist you have imported into the program by clicking files name showing in the list. You can also remove, clear, move up, move down all files you have imported by Right-click on the files, some PDF files imported are password protected, you need to input password by clicking lock icon, otherwise, this files will not be created into ePub ebook.

Step7: Create ePub books

Click "Build" button on the right corner and wait for a moment, you will get your own ePub book, and you can check the ePub book on your PC with some ePub reading software which work on Windows OS or Mac OS. We will list some of them for you to choose.

ePub books created by this software will Compatible with most e-Readers devices and software.

  • Apple iPad (both iPad 1 and iPad 2, using iBooks)
  • iPhone and iPod Touch (using Lexcycle Stanza , Glider or iBooks on iOS 4.0+)
  • Sony Reader
  • Android devices (using WordPlayer, FBReader, Aldiko)
  • Barnes & Noble nook
  • Hanlin eReader
  • BeBook
  • Bookeen Cybook Gen3, Cybook Opus
  • iRex Digital Reader 800, 1000
  • PocketBook Reader
  • Ctaindia's eGriver Ebook Reader
  • .........and more

Some devices and software to Read ePub ebooks

  • Adobe Digital Editions (Windows, Mac OS X, Requires online activation.)
  • Aldiko (Supports ePub for Android phones.)
  • Bluefire Reader( iOS, Supports ePub and PDF).
  • ezReader (Windows Phone 7 , Basic epub reader for WinPhone7.)
  • EPUBReader (Firefox add-on, Enables reading ePub-files from within Firefox.)
  • Lucidor (Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Reads ePub files, organizes local bookcase and browses OPDS catalogs.)
  • Mobipocket (Windows, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Converts EPUB into .PRC on import.)

We only list a few of them here. For different OS and devices, more ePub reading software and editing software, you can view ePub Wikipedia page.

  • Comprehensive ePub Creation software
  • Support most file types.
  • Simple to install and easy to use
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