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How to create ePub files

If you often do some reading online or off line, you will not strange to ePub eBooks. EPUB is short for electronic publications and published by International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) as an open standard for eBook.

With a good reflow feature for displaying on portable devices, it is also a dominate format on our gadgets. So, have you ever wanted to create your own ePub files?

Take example of reading PDF eBook on iPad, although iBook 1.1 or later has natively supported PDF format, the reading experience is still poor that many problems about improper font size or difficult to comment and mark while viewing. Hence, creating ePub files from PDF or other documents for easy handling is an expected goal.

For the people who have the need to publish or share his works with more people, it’s a right choice and also an urgent demand to create ePub files from original script.

And you are here and find a right place to get a handy tool for taking care of any aspects about how to create ePub files.

create ePub files

create ePub files Download EPUB Creator immediately.

You can benefit much from it to create your own ePub eBooks:

No matter what document or resource you are about to start with, for example, different formatted pictures, some word doc files, PDF files. Even you can convert html to ePub files with it.

Furthermore, you are able to combine various files including ePub file itself into one new ePub book. This will help you to enrich the content and flexibly combine existing ePub files to create your own ePub document.

It’s also an ePub editor to allow you to change or set book info such as author, date, publisher, text color, line or paragraph spacing.

The converting speed and quality to create ePub files with the ePub creation tool are all at high level. It will generate ePub documents have same font, image, paragraph breaks, column, layout, etc as original files in shorter time than that you can provide.

Here we go to create ePub files right away with the ePub Creator:

Download and install ePub Creator, it’s a green software no virus, spyware and bug. Instant launch it.

1. The converting panel is a book shape interface, at the top of it you can find “Add contents” icon to import your local documents to create your own ePub book. Each file will be added as a chapter to contents. Left-side picture is the book cover that you can change as you want.

Note: For the PDF files which have open restriction you need to unlock them by entering the password.

2. Find the “setting” icon at the bottom and you will be empowered to design the related book information and content or display layout. Such as language, title, margins, background color.

Then don’t forget to specify or create an output folder for easy managing after creating ePub files

Note: The language you should be chosen according to your text language, multiple languages available.

how to create ePub

3. Click “Build” button to create ePub files from all your intended files pronto. When finished, it will prompt you to check you file directly.

Now you can enjoy any useful or attractive materials on mobile devices by means of creating ePub files yourself. It’s a super easy task once you have the ePub creation software. Meanwhile you can collect a great many of info and resources from some free ePub books download sites.

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