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There are thousands of electronic books floating around on the net that almost covers all aspects and topics you can imagine. EBooks are not strange for us now. Compared to real books, eBooks can be read on portable devices or PC more conveniently and light and seems no quantity limitation. You are likely to have stored many free eBooks download sites.

You can read books or materials for keeping yourself up to date, amusement, obtaining knowledge or whatever purposes. Fortunately, we are now capable of reading books online or on the go without carrying heavy paper books. Moreover, we can create free eBooks by ourselves from open source all over the net.

Below I want to show you some good free ePub eBooks download sites for you to get any desired info, books, magazines, etc from Internet.

1. Google books

It is a popular and well-known web search engine by Google especially for Books. It collects books all over the net and then digitizes and make available for you. Due to copyright oblige, some eBooks are only partially published. Google Books provides over a million public domain (out of protection from DRM) books in the ePub format and other free material to be downloaded in PDF format. It’s also the best resource for you to make free eBooks.

2. Project Gutenberg

It has the largest collection of public domain or out of copyright books. There are over 30,000 free eBooks for you to read on/off line on your PC, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader or other mobile devices. Lots of books such as Hamlet, Wuthering Heights and Oliver twist from world’s greatest authors.

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3. Ebookee

It is a free ePub eBooks download search engine where you can find numerous relevant e-books online.

4. Free eBooks

Like many free eBooks download sites where you can download totally free books here and more you don’t need to register. The eBooks which you find in this site are collected from Internet or personally edited by founder.

5. ManyBooks

You can browse through the existing collections or tiles from the site contributors. There are more than 29,000 free ePub eBooks download entries available here.

6. PDFeni

It’s a search engine for any books or topics you like, it will reveal to you a bunch of stored PDF resource online about the keywords you type in.

7. PDFoo

Browse through the extensive category of free business, software, technology, trade journal, manuals, podcasts, etc to find the titles that best match your tricks and on a variety of topics.

8. Ebookdirectory

This is a right place for you to look for high quality eBooks. You can download around 20,000 free eBooks, just browse extensive list or use the search box to find your desired ebook.

Above are some popular free eBooks download sites for you to freely enjoy reading at anytime and anywhere. Because of the great compatible of ePub eBooks, it’s very attractive experience to read on your gadgets with well reflowed content.

Actually you can make free eBooks from any available electronic books types or documents such as Word, image, PDF, text, html, etc. What you need is an all-in-one ePub Creator!

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ePub Creator Download the Powerful ePub Creator

With it you are able to design book cover, layout, author, background color, margins and other book info as you want. And the output ePub books will compatible with most eBook readers, devices and software.

You can follow the detailed steps to use ePub Creator to create free eBooks.

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