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How to merge ePub files

Compared to paper files, electronic files offer us a lighter and easier to store or access way for reading. This also promotes and facilitates us to be capable and fond of mobile reading with many tablet devices.

Therefore, your iPad, iPhone, Kobo, Pocketbook Reader, etc may reserve a large number of ePub eBooks or files. Sometimes we just want to merge ePub files since they are scattered and not convenient for easy viewing.

Below is a typical situation that we may also intend to combine ePub files as the eBook fan:

Hi, I am a big fan of science fictions that I get from some free ePub books download sites…. but to make it easier to read, I’d like to combine them into different sorts of anthologies by themes or authors or years.
I tried to do with an ePub editor and ePub creation tool for merging ePub files but in vain. Should I start from html files?

Many of you probably are eBook lovers or have the same intention to manage your ePub files for easy reading.

As the case of mine recently, I search and get newly published serial novels from some open source, several of them are PDF format others are ePub. Then I create ePub files from PDF. But it’s better for me to merge ePub files for continuous reading.

I’d say if you have source documents like Word, PDF, TXT and even HTML, you are able to combine them into one ePub book with an ePub Creator.

If your handy ePub creation tool can achieve this, you are very lucky for it may help you avoid the trouble of combining ePub documents in many cases.

ePub Creator Download ePub Creator.

combine documents to one ePub file

How about the existing ePub files? Most ePub Creators can’t import ePub documents for creation. Of course, why it should be?
Nonetheless, the ePub Creator I recommend here will enable you to combine ePub files.

Next let’s get closer look to the all-in-one ePub Creator to know its pros including merging ePub files:

  • Multifunctional ePub oriented creator- it supports 10+ popular formats as input, e.g. doc/docx, PDF, txt, html, xml, jpg, tiff and ePub. You can freely mix any supported documents into one ePub file.
  • EPub fidelity- the created ePub files will completely reserve font, image, paragraph breaks, margins and all the content of input files.
  • EPub Merger- it has the feature to allow you to merge ePub files no different from what you do to merge other files. The combinations can be ePub + ePub or other formats + ePub.
  • Edit ePub eBook- while combining ePub documents you are able to design or rearrange the book information, chapter name, page layout and so on.

The step by step directions to show you how to merge ePub files with ePub Creator:

After downloading and installing ePub Creator, run it.

how to merge ePub files

1. Click “Add contents” icon to import your ePub files or any documents you want to convert to ePub book.

2. Click the gear icon to specify all related settings as you want. There are many customize options available to take care of various respects for merging ePub files into single eBook efficiently.

3. Click “Build” to get your new merged or created ePub file in no time.

Have you got the trick about how to merge ePub files here? Nothing difficult and no time or effort of you will be consumed, the ePub Creation tool will fulfill your needs.

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