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Ms Word program is such an excellent word processor with which you are very familiar instead of strange to it. Most of time, it helps you to export and import electronic documents flawlessly.

However, if you want to carry word files with you on the go, you will definitely need to put them on your mobile devices.

Unfortunately, not everyone’s wireless and portable device like Nook, iPad, Android phone supporting to read Word document directly or conveniently, thus there will emerge many troubles to you.

Among perhaps tools or methods, straightforward convert Word to ePub will be a right solution for either reading on gadgets or publishing online.

Loading or buying ePub books in iBook store is what iPad users often do. Apart from the attractive conditions of iPad itself, for smooth reading much will be owed to ePub files. Hence, it’s a preferred idea to create epub from Word files.

But ePub file is an end file type not that integrated as Word files which can be either an import or export file. You may spend a lot of time getting the skills to create ePub files from Word documents.

If you can’t find a good method, then you can save your time and effort with an automated and powerful tool here.

convert Word to ePub

convert Word to ePub Download Word to ePub Converter now.

The time involved is affordable and must shorter than you expected, even there are heaps of documents need to convert. You are able to create ePub books from Word doc totally at your own will and gain better reading effect with output ePub which is the most compatible eBook files.

Key features to create epub from Word in all-sided and easily: 

Protect the integrity of original files- the converter will reserve and optimize all the data and formatting from Word files to standard ePub files.

Support all versions of  Word- you can import .doc or .docx documents from Word 2003-latest version into it to convert Word to ePub books.

Assemble or separate export to ePub- you can create single ePub book from multiple word documents that of different versions or create many ePub files respectively from multiple word files.

All-in-one ePub Creator- almost all popular documents except for Word doc, such as jpg, tiff, html, txt, in another word, it also serves as PDF to ePub creator or image to ePub converter, etc.

Multilingual Word to ePub Converter -Word files in multiple languages are supported for easy and quick conversion. They are English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

EPub file merger and editor- you are capable to design or change eBook related info like author, layout and font color while process to create epub from Word or after creation. And merge ePub files or mix existing ePub documents with word or other documents.
Instantly implement the easy task to create ePub books from Word with the converter.

The converting process is concluded to four steps- Download, input, set and output.

1. Get a Word to ePub Converter and fast install and launch it.

2. This is the interface of the program. And you will not miss the “Add contents” icon for inputting your Word documents from local disk. Batch select files can be achieved by holding “ctrl” and then add them at one time to convert word to epub.

create ePub books from Word

3. Set any available options as per your need if necessary. The language choosing has to be in accordance with your content. Text or background color and detailed spacing or margins is specified as you want.
Assign an output folder for new ePub books.

All these customize options guarantee you to create ePub files from Word exactly as you imagine.

4. Hit the “Build” button and wait for your output ePub documents prompt to you in no time.

Now you can put your own ePub files to your devices with certain transfer like iPad’s iTunes. For enjoying reading experience from them on Nook, it’s better to put them to “My Document” otherwise, they may not be appeared.

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